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RV Service

RV Service in Turlock, CA

Our service department is staffed with highly trained technicians dedicated to making sure your RV stays in great working order for years to come. Here at Best RV Center, we know that getting out on the road and enjoying our great country is your priority, and we will help keep you traveling in comfort and style.

Best RV Center recently opened in our new Turlock location with the most advanced RV service center in the state of California! Check out the photos below of our brand new service bays and beautiful new facility!

We are a one-stop dealer that has been serving the RV community since 1997. We have over 10 years of sales and service experience to help you with your new and used RV needs. We feature a full line of parts and a service department that can't be matched. Our focus is always on customer satisfaction. Service after the sale has been a key in the tremendous growth of Best RV Center over the past 10 years.

We are conveniently located just off I-99 only 5 miles south of Modesto in Turlock, California.

Please call us today at (800) 920-9970 with any service questions you may have.

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Available Repairs

  • Aluminum Skin Repair / Replacement
  • Complete roof repair or replacement - Rubber Roof / TPO Roof / Aluminum Roof
  • Slideout repair / Replacement - Wood / Aluminum Frame
  • Minor Collision damage repairs ***(paint and body work sublet to local shops)***
  • Fenders / J-metal and body repairs due to tire damage - repair / replacement
  • Complete renovations / remodels
  • Front and rear cap replacements
  • Small structural repairs
  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Fire and smoke repairs
  • Storm and hail damage repairs
  • Wood dry rot repair - walls, floors and roofs
  • Window repair / replacement
  • Entry doors repair / replacement / oversize installation
  • Compartment door repair / replacement
  • Awnings - all manufactures - repair / replacement
  • All RV Appliances - major repairs / minor repairs / maintenance
  • Refrigerators - repairs / replacement
  • Stoves, ovens and microwaves - repairs / replacement
  • Furnace and heat pumps - repairs / replacement
  • Roof air conditioners / basement air conditioners - repairs / replacement
  • Water Heaters
  • Holding Tanks - fresh, black and gray - plastic welding repair / replacement
  • Plumbing repairs - customer upgrades / repairs / pest damage / new installation
  • Carpentry and cabinet repairs / replacement / remodels
  • Carpet replacement / minor repairs
  • Tile flooring replacement / upgrade
  • Linoleum replacement / upgrade
  • Hardwood flooring repairs / replacement
  • Upholstery - Sublet to outside company
  • Wood frame and support replacement
  • Electrical fire / modifications
  • Remodeling Interior / exterior
  • Air and Pest intrusion
  • Landing legs or Leveling jacks - repair / replacement
  • Satellite - repair / replacement / upgrades
  • Hydraulic system - Slide out and leveling - repairs / replacement
  • And just about anything else you might need done to your RV!

Accessories, Maintenance, Factory Warranty & Extended Warranty service provided.

Just because you don't see it listed, doesn't mean it can't be done.

Our Full-Service RV Wash

Have bugs on your RV windshield or bumper? Feel like your RV needs a nice hot bath? Come on over and Go GREEN with Best RV Centers RV wash!

GREEN systems mean more than just a trend. GREEN systems utilize fewer or no chemicals whatsoever. They create less solid waste and reduce the use of precious fresh water supplies. Our advanced wash bay uses NO treatment Chemicals, has NO odors, and best of all it uses less water than washing at home!

Here at Best RV Center, we take pride in our RV wash and have a variety of services available for your needs. All of our RV washes include a spot free rinse, roof wash, and are hand dried with dust free shammies. We use only soft-bristle brushes to prevent scratching while hand washing. We also have an all-vehicle-safe hot wax, along with exterior Armor All dressing for your RV's tires. Oh, and let's not forget we also have bug removal!

So, hurry into Best RV Center, sit back, and relax while your RV is washed!

Exterior Wash $129.00 - Includes:

  • Roof Washed
  • Front and rear caps washed
  • Side walls washed
  • Chamois dried
  • Spray Hot Wax
  • Clean windows
  • Polish wheels
  • Dress Tires
  • Removal of any leaves and twigs from water ducts

We can help you keep your RV in pristine condition! If you have any questions or concerns about servicing your motorhome or trailer, feel free to call us at (209) 216-5200 and we'll be happy to help you over the phone or assist you in making an appointment. Come talk to us.